What's in a logo?

Okay. So this page is a little whimsical and you don't have to read it if you're looking for important stuff. Nevertheless, we thought it was significant enough to pen a record of how much thought had gone into the Limb Salvage and Revision Arthoplasty Surgery logo. Well, first of all we'll say what it doesn't mean and it is not a couple kissing.

We conceived of an image to say what we're about. The two figures represent a mirror image of each other. The right tainted and the left rendered whole and yet remaining as one, the one reflecting on the other. By coming together in this way they represent the Chinese symbol for man- because man cannot be alone and are the hands clasped in prayer - a universal symbol across all cultures.We were most inspired by the Vitruvian man from Leonardo da Vinci. It's an amazing timeless figure that is used to this day in defining correct human proportions. It was originally featured on our website but was later omitted as it seemed too significant a human resource to somehow lay claim to it. To this day the look of the website with it's sepia tones and canvassed background pays homage to this great artist and designer. The solutions in limb salvage surgery tend to be creative and the guiding spirit of da Vinci seemed appropriate (if presumptive).

We played around with the Vitruvian man for a while incorporating the kind of implants used in limb salvage and joint replacement surgery but it seemed like vandalism somehow. Our search brought us to this symbol of 'A' which fit the message we would convey. It was modified as the hands reaching into the air would be spindly in an icon. Incorporating the implants on one figure didn't really work out and so the idea of a tainted figure evolved.

And so there you have it. A bit of light reading.

By the way if you ever wanted to design your own website I wrote this article sharing my experience with designing this website in this article in The College Mirror in September 2012.