TV and Radio Interviews

On this page you will find television and radio interviews which I hope will be useful. They typically feature patient interviews as well and should be helpful in understanding the issues involved in surgery.

Video 1 July 12, 2009 Channel News Asia.

A child with osteosarcoma of the left femur receives a bone transplant.

Video 2 March 22, 2010 938 Live.

A fairly comprehensive radio interview on the issues surrounding metal implants in the body and the implications on metal hypersensitivity.

Video 3 June 22, 2010 CNA Prime Time.

Here we feature a patient who has had knee surgery with a ceramic knee replacement.

Video 4 May 15, 2015 TVPoland, Szczecin.

As Poland grapples with economic acsension, the challenges of investing in resource intense services like musculoskeletal oncology must now be addressed.

Video 5 (Part 1 and 2) September 1, 2016 The Wellness Insider

An interview on The Wellness Insider, an online magazine dedicated to healthy living . In Part 1 we talk about the problem with arthritis today and how it is being diagnosed in younger people. In Part 2 we look at the typical kind of injuries that have long term consequences for arthritis and what can be done to defer the need for knee replacement surgery in the future.

Video 6 (Part 1, 2 and 3) September 4, 2018 China Media

I gave an interview to the Chinese media. Over the years many patients from China make the long trip to Singapore for surgery by me. This was a way therefore to reach out to them.

Patients from China may find the following links more accessible:

  1. What it takes to save the arms and legs of children and adults with cancer or sarcoma of the bone and joints

  2. Novel technology available in the clinic

  3. Advice to budding doctors