Magazine articles

Figure 1. This article which appeared in the Medical Tribune in July 2008 highlights the utility of the then new cryoprobes I had introduced in Singapore.

Figure 2. This article featured in Medical Grapevine in November 2009 highlights the problem of metal allergy in joint replacement surgery.

Figure 3. I wrote this article for a December 2009 issue of Medical Grapevine illustrating the various novel approaches possible in bone tumor surgery.

Figure 4. This article highlights the unique characteristics of the Asian patient requiring joint replacement surgery with respect to religious and cultural expectations (Medical Grapevine, October, 2010)

Figure 5. The Mosaic carried a feature article on my decision to establish a practice dedicated to limb salvage and revision joint surgery in Mount Elizabeth in January 2013

Figure 6. I gave this interview at a symposium in Bangladesh where limb salvage surgery is in its earliest stages (The Daily Star, March, 2013)

Figure 7. Art is something of a personal passion that the Tabla! picked up on and wrote about (June 7, 2013)

Figure 8. My opinion was sought on the feasibility of developing joint replaceement initiatives to serve Asian patients who have generally higher demands for greater ranges of motion in their joints to fulfill their religious and social obligations like squatting on the floor. I have been a strong proponent of these new joint replacement techniques for more than 10 years (Daily FT, Colombo; July 5, 2013)

Figure 9. I had recently published a paper encompassing the experience of my institution in treating osteosarcomas which showed that patients without financial resources faired poorly in survival. This was a prelude to various initiatives justifying better funding for cancer care (Oncology Tribune September 2013).

Figure 10. This was an article I contributed on the management of ankle instability (The College Mirror, December 2013).

Figure 11. This is an interview I gave to Fimela in 11 June 2014 which describes a general article on bone tumors and how most such cases are salvaged whereas in the past they had to be amputation.

Figure 12. This article was carried in HerWorld June 2014 and describes the life experience of a patient of mine and the role I played in successfully salvaging her pelvis and helping her through the challenges she faced thereafter. She went on to write a book about her experiences "Alien Itu Memilihku" by Feby Indirani which is available on and makes an excellent read for anyone who needs information about what to expect as a patient struck with the disease.

Figure 13. This article was carried in Kartini, 18 September 2014 about the experience of a cancer survivor and my role in her care.

Figure 14. This article was carried in the College Mirror and is a review of non-surgical options in the management of osteoarthritis (Part 1 September 2014, Part 2 June 2015)

Figure 15. This article was carried in Wanita Indonesia, 19 October 2016 about the experience of a cancer survivor and my role in her care.

Figure 16. This article was carried in the College Mirror and is a review of management of osteoporosis

Figure 17. A patient of mine wrote an account of her survival with Ewing's Sarcoma in the book "Alien itu memilihku" or "The Alien Chose Me"