We provide the following services and surgical procedures in the care of patients. While this is not an exhaustive list further consult may be provided on services provided outside this list.

Special services on-site

  • Histological services

We provide an onsite histological service designed to give a quick read for biopsy slides that may be brought from overseas. The field of musculoskeletal oncology is diverse and highly specialised and often the diagnosis posed may be controversial. By providing this service we hope to cut down the time it takes to provide the most appropriate siting of care.

  • Biopsy services

We provide on-site biopsy services to reduce cost and lag time to definitive treatment. This can be highly advantages in starting timely care for the in-flight patient.

  • Paediatric silent cast cutter

We provide the region's first pediatric silent cast cutter specially imported for children who can be highly distressed by the standard cast cutters on the market. This has been done at considerable cost but would provide an unparalleled level of consideration and comfort for the child who needs a cast removed.

  • Gait analysis

We have recently acquired motion capture technology on sight that can aid in optimal evaluation and feedback for muscle efficiency and movement disorders. This can also be used to optimize athletic performance. For more information email us at

      • Motion analysis

This represents the next wave in outcomes analysis and we are the only clinic in South East Asia to offer this service

Golfer The parametrics provided in the software permit the breakdown of complex movements involved in sporting activity

Golfer The system lends itself well to evaluating the perfect golf swing

Fighter Martial art movements are specifically difficult to track due to extremely fast movement

Fighter The system has a rapid response rate that is able to track kicking at high speed

Fighter In this analysis the point of contact force of both feet were identical however this was achieved through sheer power projection at the right hip and more of a whip action on the left hip.

  • In-house physiotherapy service

In recognition of the close collaboration between rehabilitation and medical care for the patients who undergo the challenging procedures we offer, we now provide an in-house physiotherapy service which, in addition to the evaluation systems featured above also provide for novel methodologies like the CTU-Mega 18 Diamagnetic Pump for pain and oedema control.

  • Ultrasound imaging

We perform in-house ultrasounds for rapid diagnosis of tumors, sports injuries and to guide biopsies. This allows for better placement of forthcoming imaging studies and provides for a rapid diagnostic assessment while lowering costs of procedures.

This is an evaluation of a femoral artery in a patient whose thigh tumor was resected with her own vessel and another one made from her own vein

The ultrasound allows us to do biopsies by guiding the needle into the tumor

In this patient the anterior cruciate ligament was found to be absent despite reasonably good knee function

Following ACL reconstruction the ultrasound is used to confirm structural integrity on follow-up

Surgical procedures

  • Arthrodesis

  • Arthroscopy

  • Bone biopsy

  • Bone grafting procedures

  • Debridement of compound fractures

  • Debridement of penetrating wound of joint

  • Debridement of soft tissue wounds

  • Drainage of abscess

  • Drainage of infections

  • Epiphysiodesis

  • Extirpation (amputation) of extremities

  • Foot surgery in adults

  • Hand reconstruction

  • Injection of joints

  • Intraarticular iniection

  • Joint aspiration

  • Knee ligament repair

  • Knee meniscal surgery

  • Laminectomy

  • Limb salvage operations

  • Major joint reconstruction including non-­prosthetic arthroplasty, correction of instability and recurrent dislocation

  • Manipulations of joints

  • Microvascular surgery

  • Musculoskeletal tumour surgery

  • Neurolysis

  • Other arthroplasty

  • Peripheral nerve repair

  • Reconstructive surgery

  • Revision of joint surgery

  • Scapulothoracic amputation

  • Set and cast closed fractures and dislocations

  • Skin grafting

  • Skin grafting procedures to wound

  • Soft tissue biopsy - excision of ganglion, cyst or bursa

  • Tendon repair

  • Tendon transplant

  • Total joint replacement

  • Treatment of fractures including open reduction with or without internal fixation

  • Vertebrectomies