Soft tissue sarcomas in Singapore


Soft tissue sarcomas are very rare. While local (Singapore) statistics are available through the Singapore Cancer Registry they have not been robust enough to appreciate the subtypes of soft tissue sarcomas. Nevertheless, based on the United States Cancer Statistics 2000, http://appsnccdcdcgov/uscs/ accessed in 231005, there were 186,839 (0.07%) cases of breast cancer and 187,415 cases (0.07%) of prostate cancer compared to 7,672 cases of soft tissue sarcomas (0.003%) and 2,379 (0.0008%) of all types of bone sarcomas given the United States population of the time (http://wwwcensusgov/population/www/cen2000/ accessed 231005) which was 281,421,906 resident in United states in 2000.