Newspaper articles

Figure 1. This article that appeared in Lian He Zhao Bao on 20th July 2001 in addition to a televised news report highlighted a breakthrough in stem cell research that our team achieved when we managed to grow cartilage from fat cells. This research has received multiple awards and was funded off a small grant on which I was principal investigator. It has since been published in the prestigious journal Tissue Engineering.

Figure 2. "A chance to walk again, without pain" and "No cure but happy to walk" that was published in the Strait's Times on February 14, 2007 highlighted the Harrington procedure a form of palliative hip reconstruction that allows metastatic hip disease patients to walk. These novel forms of palliative surgery allow for ambulation in otherwise severely disabled patients. I had introduced this method to Singapore following my fellowship stint.

Figure 3. I was interviewed in the Borneo Post for this 9 November 2007 article after a series of lectures that I delivered on bone tumors. The essential problem with this condition is that it is a high cost, high resource field and it is rare. As a result many people were rather surprised that cancers do happen in the bone. It is through lectures in the region like this that I am able to raise awareness of the condition.

Figure 4. This series of articles in the largest circulation paper in Indonesia on 27th and 28th April 2008 highlighted the plight of child who had extensive osteosarcoma involvement of the left femur for which I performed a total femoral replacement- the first one done in Singapore and possibly in South East Asia.

Figure 5. "Freeze-and-cut way to remove bone tumours" and "Cryosurgery was her only hope" in the Straits Times on 7 June 2008 highlights a novel cryosurgery technique that was developed in Israel and that I have introduced to Singapore and South East Asia. It enables the surgeon to perform musculoskeletal resections in a manner never previously thought possible.

Figure 6. This article was a special mention in Bouquets in The Straits Times issued On July 8, 2008 “Exemplary Prof Suresh” from a patient’s family.

Figure 7. This was an article in the Lian He Zhao Bao, Wellness section on August 16th, 2009, Page 4 that dealt with the effect of cryotherapy in bone tumors. It has now become a well established procedure in Singapore.

Figure 8. I was interviewed here as part of an expert panel in The Straits Times, Mind Your Body, April 22nd, 2010, Page 12 to 14 that sought to determine our views on lifestyle afflictions in the present day.

Figure 9. I was interviewed by the Berita Harian newspaper, 27th April, 2010, Page 10, “Selamatkan lutut” in an article about knee replacement surgery.

Figure 10. This article appeared in the Wan Bao on April 28, 2010. It highlights the issue of long term use of painkillers and how that can lead to side effects especially of the kidneys and heart.

Figure 11. I have a very passionate background in molecular research. Over the last 10 years I have been working on the idea that the environment of the cancer cell is very important in regulating how it behaves. Multiple publications later, this work received national attention on June 20, 2013 (The Strait's Times, General News, Page 2).

Figure 12. My passion in bringing high functioning knee replacements to the Asian population to enable them to do the kinds of activities their culture demands of them brought me to the beautiful Colombo in Sri Lanka during the Vesak Day festivities (Life, Colombo, June 21, 2013).