Lecture 1. My brush with the contradictions in orthopaedic oncology we take for granted

Lecture 2. Sarcoma tumor board for left hemipelvic sarcoma

Lecture 3. Persistent pain after joint replacement surgery

Lecture 4. Early Diagnosis and Management of Bone Tumors

Lecture 5. Hip instability following tumor resections 

Lecture 6. Pathologically fractured cases of osteosarcoma are able to still have joint salvage surgery 

Lecture 7. Biological membranes in the reconstruction of joint defects in tumors 

Lecture 8. Joint salvage provides the best function related to biological tolerability 

Lecture 9. Cryosurgery in Chondrosarcomas of the Bone 

Lecture 10. Motion capture gait analysis in amputee assessment 

Lecture 11. Children are especially challenging to treat when they have sarcomas because in addition to all the other difficulties common to adults they also have growth and skin coverage issues. I describe my experience of nearly 3 decades in this field in this lecture.